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  Webinar Training and Optimizer Program

How to Get 3X More Qualified Leads & Sales with Your Own Must-See Webinar System - Guaranteed!

Let's face it, hosting the average webinar can feel like being a political candidate who's about to drop out of a race - you only draw a small crowd, people leave early, and there is little to no follow-through.

The secret you need to know is that, like a successful political campaign, there are specific webinar tips, techniques, and strategies which can produce massive successes and blockbuster webinars again and again and again.

Bob Hanson, President, Quantum Leap Marketing, and Roger Rosenquist, Owner of William Evy Productions, have spent 30 combined years designing, producing, promoting, moderating, and monetizing online marketing and training webinars.

Together they have distilled knowledge gleaned from thousands of webinars into a power-packed webinar training program that they will be holding in December 2013. There are no plans to repeat this unique program, so those that are interested are urged to participate.


   Here’s what you will discover in this training on blockbuster webinars:

  • An easy-to-follow, step-by-step process to produce a winning webinar every time
  • How Bob regularly gets 1,000 people to register for his events, without spending a dime on marketing
  • A simple formula to get 3 times the sales and ROI from every event you host
  • Strategies to avoid death by PowerPoint, and 9 critical presentation techniques 
  • When and how to use different types of webinars
  • An email invitation template that pulls webinar attendees like a magnet
  • Which marketing channel drives 80% of all webinar attendees
  • How to leverage other marketing channels, including social media
  • Which popular webinar technology to avoid at all costs (it will surprise you)
  • How you too can be a blockbuster webinar producer

And, you’ll get dozens of tips, strategies, and templates from the companion Webinar Training manuals and reports, when you sign up now!


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Bob Hanson, President of Quantum Leap Marketing, is an Online Event thought-leader, marketing expert, and author of a number of eBooks on marketing, events and webinars. Bob has 20 years experience creating over $1.45 billion in marketing event leads for organizations of all sizes. He is also the creator of the Must-See Webinar System and the Client Attraction Marketing System.



Roger Rosenquist, Owner of William Evy Productions, has over 10 years of experience creating and marketing successful online events and webinars. A product marketing and product management expert within the conferencing services industry, Roger has contributed to the design of many SaaS online event tools and he has expertise with a wide range of online event platforms. 


Special Bonus #1 – Two-hours of success coaching on your next event with Bob and Roger. Use it any time within 90 days of the completion of training. (A $500 value)

Special Bonus #2 – Advanced Webinar Strategies Module – This special training, usually reserved for Bob’s private consulting clients, will show how to use advanced strategies like Automated Webinars, Online Conferences, Hybrid Events, Automated Conversion Sequences, and 5 easy ways to double sales from your own webinar training program. (A $250 value)  

Also, you will be able to access the training modules on demand for a full year after the completion of the training.

To be able to offer individual coaching and attention to each and every participant, this special webinar success program is strictly limited to 10 named participants, although you can share it with up to two people on your team or organization.  Only named participants will be eligible for the success coaching.

The entire training program, delivered on demand and by individual phone coaching, is only $995. A single insight or strategy from the program will pay for itself many times over. And, the program is fully backed by a no-questions-asked guarantee.  No live trainings are currently scheduled for 2014 so request your spot today and be a webinar superstar in 2014.